Healthspan logoHealthspan have a core belief that underpins their approach to everything they do. Better living needn’t be elusive; health and happiness are what life’s all about. Achieving a long, healthy lifespan (also known as your ‘healthspan’) comes from focusing on three key pillars – staying active, eating well and being positive.

As the UK’s leading supplier of high quality vitamins and supplements, Healthspan are proud of the positive impact they’ve had on the nation’s wellbeing. Partnering with the LTA, and providing support for everyone from grass root amateurs, to fans, to the leading players who grace the Grand Slam courts, Healthspan stands to cultivate this positive impact further.

Healthspan’s range consists of over 250 products including vitamins, sports supplements, pet nutrition, skincare, food & snacks, as well as a revolutionary new personalised nutrition platform.

As part of this partnership LTA supported players will utilise Healthspan’s elite range of supplements for professional athletes to support their health and performance. These products go through stringent quality control procedures to ensure they are free from traces of a wide range of substances banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency.

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