Annual Reports

2019 - 2023

Our new vision, tennis opened up, will be reported from 2019.

Up to and including 2018:

From 2010 – 2018, the LTA’s Annual Reports outlined some of the key highlights and achievements achieved against each area of the Strategic Plan, which aimed to get more people playing tennis, more often.

The Strategic Plan had three focus areas:

1)         Building partnerships in the community

2)         Delivering a great service

3)         Growing participation among children and young people

The aim was to ensure clubs, parks and schools offered the right facilities, access and support so that anyone, of any ability, could play tennis in a place that suits them.

We launched the largest and most exciting capital investment programme the LTA has ever undertaken called ‘Transforming British Tennis Together’, to ensure that when people do go out to play tennis, the courts are more usable and accessible than they ever have been before.

Alongside continued investment in the quality of our nation’s coaches and tennis activities that make playing fun for all ages, this major transformation of grassroots tennis helped to move the LTA closer to delivering its two long-term goals: to double the number of children playing tennis and double the number of times infrequent adults play tennis.

LTA Annual Reports

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