LTA rankings

An LTA ranking is a measure of where you stand within your county, region and nationwide and represent an overall order of merit with players positioned according to ranking points acquired in domestic and international tournaments from both singles and doubles events.

The combined rankings cater for all players in 12U – open age groups with all players appearing on one list.

Players competing in 35+ and above age groups have their own age group rankings. Find more information about senior rankings.

Rankings are calculated every week, on a Friday, based on points awarded to players for competing in open, 18, 16, 14 and 12 & under age groups. Each age group has its own points table to proportionately reward players for playing in older age groups.

In order to get an age group ranking you need to have an LTA rating and have competed in an LTA sanctioned tournament (graded 1-5).

To find current and past LTA rankings use the LTA tennis rankings search.

How to earn ranking points How to earn ranking points addremove

Ranking points are only awarded for grade 1 (highest) to grade 5 tournaments. Grade 6, 7 and U tournaments do not carry ranking points. This means only tournaments graded 1-5 will appear on your player profile (through the LTA player search).

Different grades of tournaments have different points allocations; there are separate point tables for each age group; the older the age group and the higher the grade, the more points you can get. Ranking points are only allocated for 12U, 14U, 16U, 18U and Open age group events. Ranking points are not awarded to players who compete in an event that does not fall under one of these age groups, e.g. 11U or 13U.

Only one set of points is allocated per event i.e. a player who competes in both the qualifying and main draw events of a tournament will only get one set of points. But you must win a match in the draw to receive the points. 

Any team competition graded 1 to 5 will also count towards your ranking although points may not be added until the end of the competition. 

How are rankings calculated? How are rankings calculated? addremove

Your combined ranking is made up your best 6 singles(1) plus 25% of your best 6 doubles(2) (3) results within the previous 52 weeks (subject to play up rules – see below).

There is one male and one female rankings list, each has age group filters so it can be filtered to a particular age group and a position for that age group assigned however the points earned will be from all age groups not just the age group filtered.

1. Points from international singles events are incorporated.

2. Points from domestic and international doubles events are incorporated.

3. Points from mixed doubles will not be included.

Play up rules Play up rules addremove

Players can compete in any age group event in a tournament for the purposes of the British tennis ranking system they are subject to the following play up rules:

Player’s age group

Play up rules


At least 3 singles and 3 doubles events from your own age group and up to 3 singles and 3 doubles events from 14U and 16U including international results.


At least 3 singles and 3 doubles events from your own age group and up to 3 singles and 3 doubles from 16U and 18U including international results.


6 singles and 6 doubles events from 16U, 18U or open events including international results.


6 singles and 6 doubles events from 18U or open events including international results.

Age group progression rules Age group progression rules addremove

On leaving an age group, players may retain ranking points earned in this age group in their combined ranking for up to 12 months and will be taken into account when calculating a player’s best 6 singles and or doubles results.

For example, if a player plays and wins a 12U event in February half term 2015, these results will be used (if they are in their top 6) for up to 12 months despite the player no longer being a 12U player, however they will not be able to compete in 12U events when their competition age becomes 14U at the start of the summer season.

The same example applies to 14U to 16U, 16U to 18U and 18U to open.

What is my ranking used for? What is my ranking used for? addremove

  • To measure your standard of play.
  • To help determine entry into a tournament if two or more players have an equal rating. In most cases, your rating is used first to determine entry; however ranking for acceptance will used for Grade 1 - 3 Junior Tournaments from 1 April 2015.
  • To help determine your seeding in a tournament; seeding is standard practice to ensure that top players are split in the draw and don’t play each other in the early rounds. In most cases, your rating is used first to determine seeding (separated by ranking where tied); however ranking will used for Grade 1 - 3 Junior Tournaments.

Age group & international multipliers Age group & international multipliers addremove

Age group multiplier

Age group ranking point tables show the relative value of winning rounds in draws of different age group events across different grades of competitions. The increments reflect the relative variances in standard so, for example, a 14U player winning a 16U event merits more points than for winning the same grade of event in his/her own age group.

The age group multipliers are given below, however for simplicity, the age group ranking point tables can be found above:

  • 12Ux 0.6
  • 14U x 1
  • 16Ux 1.6
  • 18Ux 2.4
  • Open x 4

International points multiplier

Points from Tennis Europe 14U, Tennis Europe 16U and ITF Junior competitions will be incorporated into British tennis rankings to reward players for playing internationally and to make the ranking listing more accurate.

A multiplier will be applied to international ranking points assigned by Tennis Europe and ITF to reflect their stature in the British Tennis Ranking system and will be applied at each ranking run if they are amongst the players 6 highest singles and doubles events.

The international point multipliers for junior events are:

  • 14U- x15
  • 16U - x7
  • 18U- x40

*International singles and doubles points will be included.

What is the GB national ranking which are used for international tournaments? What is the GB national ranking which are used for international tournaments? addremove

There are 3 categories of national rankings: ITF Pro Circuit, ITF Junior Circuit and Tennis Europe. These rankings are used as orders of merit for tournament acceptance. 

National Ranking process for International Competitions.

View the most recent ITF Pro Circuit listings (posted May 2019):

View the most recent ITF Junior listings (posted May 2019):