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2017 Seniors Tennis GB Grass Court Championships at East Gloucestershire Tennis Club

Seniors Tennis competitions are open to all levels of players aged 35 & over - so whether you are a seasoned regular or new to competing, there's something for everyone!

Competitions run in five-year age gaps and players first become eligible to compete when they are in their 35th year. After that you can move upwards through the five-year age groups, always from the year in which you attain your new age. There are formal competitions you can compete in right up to the 85+ age group.

Please see our FAQs below for further information on how to get started with Seniors Tennis competitions today.

Is there a minimum standard?

No - any player can enter. In the event of a tournament being oversubscribed, players with the lowest ranking or rating could be placed on a wait list pending any vacancies arising. Tournaments are graded to indicate the level of players that they expect to attract. If you are new to seniors tennis it is advisable to start playing at a lower level tournament. The highest level tournaments are classified as Grade A or Grade 1 events by either the LTA (Lawn Tennis Association) or the ITF (International Tennis Federation). Lower level tournaments start at LTA Grade 7 or ITF Grade 5.

Do I need a ranking or rating?

You do not need a ranking but it helps to have a rating! A LTA rating is a measuring tool that indicates a standard of play, as well as allowing you to record your progress as you develop your game.

If you are a member of an LTA Registered Venue then you will be able to access a LTA rating for free through LTA Lite Membership.

If you are not a member of an LTA Registered Venue, you can join LTA Team Membership for just £30 a year to access a LTA rating and many more exclusive benefits!

Once you start playing tournaments you can earn points which will automatically give you a ranking.

Find out more about LTA Ratings & Rankings

If you play a tournament that is part of the ITF Seniors Circuit you will also be eligible for world ranking points within your age group.

Find out more about ITF Seniors Rankings

Rankings are also used to determine seedings in tournaments. Seeding is the process that aims to keep the highest level players in different sections of a draw so that they avoid each other in early rounds.

Find out more about Seniors Tennis Rankings

How do I find out about individual seniors competitions?

You can enter singles and/or doubles events in most age groups and the quickest way to get started is to search tournaments near you using the search tools on this website.

Find tournaments by location and age group using the Competition Search Tool

The LTA Competitions search tool lets you search tournaments by entering your age group, dates available and/or the distance that you want to travel. You can also view and download the calendar of events organised and sanctioned by Seniors Tennis GB. These include British tournaments that are part of the ITF Seniors Circuit. 

Download the Seniors Tennis GB Competitions Calendar

All tournaments can be entered online through either the LTA Competitions pages using your LTA membership login or, for ITF Circuit events, through the ITF IPIN (International Tennis Identification Number) login area. There is a small annual charge to use the IPIN system, currently 25 US Dollars per annum. Tournament entry fees are payable either in advance or at the start of the tournament. This will be specified at the time of entering. 

Find out how to register for an ITF IPIN

How do I find out about team competitions?

Seniors tennis GB run the following team competitions:

  • National Inter-Club Championships - 17 different categories for teams representing clubs who have signed up to us as registered members. This runs from April to finals in November each year. If you belong to a Club just find out who is in charge of entering teams for this event.
  • National Inter-County Championships - for teams selected and entered by their counties in age groups from 40 for Women and 45 for Men up to the 75 age group. This also runs from April to finals in November.
  • Men’s and Women’s 35 Men’s and Women’s 35 Inter-County Championships - played over three-day weekends in August each year.

You can also approach your local County Tennis Office to discover what is available for you within your own county.  Each County has a County Seniors Organiser who will be able to advise what competitions are available to you locally.

Find out more about Seniors Tennis Team Competitions