About touchtennis

What is touchtennis?

touchtennis is the closest thing to five a-side for tennis. Played on a smaller court, with 21” rackets and foam balls, it can be played on any flat space, indoors or outside. The specifically designed ball and unique rules creates a level playing field whereby different abilities can enjoy playing together.

Who can play?

touchtennis is suitable for all. While the tour is targeted at players 16 and above, social players up to 95 and down to 11 are known to play around Britain.

Where can you play it?

  • Leisure centres
  • Village halls
  • Grass spaces
  • On existing courts
  • Any flat surface!

What do you need?

  • touchtennis balls
  • 21” rackets
  • A net

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What are the rules?

  • Tennis scoring but with sudden death on every deuce point with receiver to choose side
  • Serving can be overarm or underarm and the serve may not be volleyed back by the returner. One serve only.
  • ‘If you throw it you must hit it’ – on throwing the ball up to serve, the server must hit it, letting it drop/catching it will result in loss of point.
  • Sets are to 4 games, and you must win by 2 clear games. If the score is 4-4, a tie break to 5 points will take place.
  • No let rule – if the ball clips the net and lands in correct service box, the ball counts as ‘in play’.

What are the benefits?

  • touchtennis is ultra versatile and can be played on any flat space.
  • It’s a great work out
  • Mixed abilities can enjoy playing together
  • Easy to accommodate large numbers in a small space (e.g 16-24 Adults on the footprint of 1 tennis court or 4 court indoor hall space)
  • Adult players can instantly feel competent due to characteristics of the game
  • Players can gain a world ranking should they wish to
  • The touchtennis tour is an exit route for all players