A tennis coach teaching tactics to tennis players

Tactics for defending

  • Give yourself more time to recover by hitting the ball higher over the net and deeper in to the court
  • Hitting crosscourt is often the best option as the net is lower in the centre
  • If your opponent is attacking by approaching the net, you can hit it over them, past them or to their feet so they have to hit it up

 Tactics for attacking

  • Choosing the right time to attack is key. For example, if you have managed to move your opponent off the court with a deep or wide shot, this is a good time to attack
  • You can attack by hitting the ball harder which takes time away from your opponent and puts them under pressure
  • You can hit the ball into the space away from your opponent. Players make more mistakes when on the run
  • When attacking you should generally be inside the court and moving forwards towards the net putting pressure on your opponent
  • Identify your opponent’s weaknesses. Hitting the ball to your opponents weaker side should win you more points
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