Miss-Hits Tennis for Young Girls

What is Miss-Hits? 

  • An introduction to tennis for young girls aged 5-8, designed by Judy Murray and launched in partnership with the LTA to get more girls playing
  • 12 week (2 x 6 week blocks), all–girl, indoor programme delivered by a female coach
  • A feeder for LTA Mini Tennis

Key features of Miss-Hits:

  • 6 characters (the Miss-Hits), who take the girls through the basics of tennis through active play
  • Each character has their own shot, dance and magic symbol to teach the girls all they need to know each week
  • Tailored content to create a fun and sociable environment to make girls comfortable and involved
  • Specialised equipment and activities to facilitate learning of basic tennis shots and skills
  • The Miss-Hits website to help girls learn more about tennis in addition to the coaching sessions
  • The Miss-Hits app will teach girls how to play the game and is a fun introduction to competition, court positioning‎ and how to score.

With dancing, games and much more, Miss-Hits is the perfect introduction to tennis for girls aged 5-8. Girls build friendship groups and develop basic tennis shots and motor skills in order to prepare them for LTA Mini Tennis. 

Visit the Miss-Hits website to find out more!

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