Running a Team Challenge event

What is Team Challenge?

Team Challenge is a fun competition designed for mini and junior tennis players, but there are adult events as well. Players compete in small teams for points over a short series of matches, with winners being awarded medals. There are prizes to be won by other players too, with all players receiving certificates provided by the LTA.


 There are 2 Team Challenge formats, of which you can run one or both all-year-round, across all your age groups:

Team Challenge: Match Weeks

  • The middle and last week of your coaching programme becomes Match Week e.g. before half term or the end of term
  • Teams play fun, competitive matches in any format you like
  • You control the format with the support of basic resources from the LTA
  • An excellent way to keep players engaged & having fun with no additional organisation

Team Challenge: Festivals

  • These are bigger events that take place on the last week of term or half-term
  • Festivals can be run within your venue alone or you can invite others to take part
  • The LTA provide dedicated resources packs including medals, certificates, prizes and more
  • You choose the theme of the pack from either the standard Team Challenge packs or one of the seasonal themes (e.g. Summertime Slam / Halloween Monster Smash / Back the Brits / Girl Set Match )

What do you get in the packs?

Team Challenge: Match Week Team Challenge: Festival
  • 20 themed stickers
  • 20 themed certificates
  • 4 Medals
  • Prizes and giveaways e.g. grips & dampeners etc.
  • Inflatable trophy
  • Draw sheets
  • A3 poster for clubhouse
  • Suite of themed social media-ready banners
  • Access to online artwork resources
  • PVC Banner (new orders)
  • Disability tennis resources if required for your event.

Tennis Ball Rewards

Organisers who consistently run and report on completed events will be rewarded and recognised by their Regional Competition Development Partner with FREE tennis balls! 

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