Tennis Coach Play Test

The play test allows coaches to be assessed against the relevant entry playing criteria for a specific coaching qualification if their rating does not match the criteria.

If candidates have (or have had) a rating at or above the following levels they do not need to take the play test. Please note that evidence will be required. 


Minimum rating

Play Test Grade Equivalent

Level 3 Coach Qualification  6.1 1

Level 4 Senior Club Coach

Level 5 Master Club Coach

5.1 2

Level 4 Senior Performance Coach

Level 5 Master Performance Coach

4.1 3

Please note, the play test is an entry criteria for a specific qualification, it is not a guarantee that a coaches playing, feeding or demonstrating standards will meet the exit criteria at the end of the course. It is also not a reflection of competitive playing standard therefore it will not influence your actual rating.

Reasonable adjustments are available for a play test and encompass any arrangements made prior to the delivery of a qualification, course or workshop to reduce the effect of a permanent, long-term or temporary disability, a learning difficulty, long term illness or permanent disability that places a learner at a substantial disadvantage.

Reasonable adjustments are required to be authorised by 1st4sport and the centre who you are applying to do your play test with.  Please contact the centre directly to arrange this.

Cost of course

Please contact the coach education centre for cost.

How to apply

Find dates and venues of courses or contact your nearest coach education centre


Play Test Videos