Benefits of volunteering in tennis

Volunteering is rewarding – giving something to a local cause or your community, as well as benefitting you through learning new skills and meeting new people. If you are a venue looking to recruit volunteers, it’s helpful to consider the motivations of volunteers and to ask new people what they’d like to get out of the role.

Benefits of volunteering in tennis:

Have your say as a volunteer

Many existing members get involved to have a say in how their club or venue is run. By taking on a key position or sitting on a management committee, you will have the chance to influence the direction of the club, whether it’s improving the facilities, longer court opening hours or different competition offers. By taking an active role, you could help make those changes happen.

Develop your skills as a volunteer

Volunteering provides an opportunity to improve on your current skills as well as create new ones; it can improve confidence, leadership, teamwork and organisational skills. Different roles will offer different opportunities, from leading and managing a committee to organising an event to managing the finances. As well as supporting your club, all of these skills are valuable for improving employability.

Meet new people

Being part of a group of volunteers is like being in a close-knit team and social interaction is a big reason why people volunteer in sport. You will build strong relationships with your fellow volunteers as you work as part of a team to manage your venue. Attending meetings and events is a great way to socialise, as you all work towards a common goal. The volunteer co-ordinator will play a key role in helping to integrate you into the venue and the volunteer team.