Supporting and rewarding tennis volunteers

Volunteering is a big commitment and it’s important to provide support to make the role as easy as possible, while recognising their contribution.

Handovers between volunteers

Encourage volunteers leaving roles to have a handover period and provide checklists/notes on how to undertake specific tasks.

Volunteer Orientation

Some clubs provide a ‘club information leaflet’ which provides basic information about the running of the club and also a list of up-to-date contacts. This can be a real help for new volunteers to familiarise themselves with the club.

Support for volunteers

Training courses are a great way to support volunteers in their roles, such as the Competition Organiser, First Aid and Safeguarding workshops that take place regularly across the UK. These courses are useful for junior and senior captains/contacts, competition organisers and match secretaries.

Rewarding volunteers

A public thank you to all volunteers at the AGM is a good way to recognise the support they have given. Recognition of support provided to organise events or prepare reports are also recommended, ideally to come from the volunteer coordinator and/or chairperson. This can be verbal, or in an e-mail.

You may decide to have a volunteer or management committee social at the end of the season or perhaps provide refreshments at the last management committee meeting. 

You can also nominate fellow volunteers, your club coach or a young volunteer for categories in the annual LTA Tennis Awards.