Team Challenge - Players and Parents

What is Team Challenge?

Team Challenge is a fun competition usually for mini and junior tennis players, but there are adult events as well. Players compete in small teams for points over a short series of matches. Winners are awarded medals and there are prizes to be won by other players too, with all ‘Challengers’ receiving certificates.

 There are two formats to play in and enjoy.

  • Team Challenge ‘Match Weeks’ slot into weekly coaching programmes, usually halfway through a term, and are a great way to play some competitive, fun matches in small teams.
  • Team Challenge ’Festivals’ are bigger events that can take place at any time, often on the weekends or during schools holidays. These can often involve the whole club and even be themed around events like Halloween. Teams compete in various fun formats over 2-3 hours with lots of prizes to be won.

Why play Team Challenge? Team Challenge Word Cloud

Team Challenge was first introduced in 2017 in response to the need for more team-based competition. We asked players of all ages what they enjoyed about playing tennis and they told us that ‘playing with friends’ was a core motivation to keep playing.

Since Team Challenge launched later that year, more than 30,000 players have taken part and the programme continues to grow - all based around fun, team competition.

Team Challenge is so successful and enjoyed by so many players because:

  • Playing in teams with friends is fun and there is much less pressure
  • You can be any standard of player to take part, have fun and win medals or prizes
  • It’s a great way to socialise more with the people at your club
  • The matches are competitive, but with no impact on ratings and rankings
  • Playing as a team is rare in tennis and a nice change to standard formats

Parents also love Team Challenge as its great value with events typically lasting 2-3 hours. Clubs usually charge a small entry fee, and some even run them for free!

With events taking place at your home club, you and your children won’t have to travel far and you know they’re in a safe and familiar environment.

How to enter Team Challenge?

Contact the person at your club that organises Team Competition – that could be your child’s coach, their team captain or even a club official.

Some events are also listed here on the Team Challenge ClubSpark Page (but please check with your club first as not all events are listed).