Tennis League Planner (LP)

The league planner (LP) tool is ideal for those organisers running tennis leagues, making league management much easier by collating entries, making and scheduling draws.

When using the LP tool, you can even publish your LP file and have it converted to an online league that allows team captains to enter their own team’s results.

How to apply

Simply fill out our online form to apply for a League Planner licence.

Download LP

The LP software is continually being developed so it is important to check that you are using the latest version. 

Latest version Release date Version number
Download LP* 10/05/2019 2019.2

*Please wait to receive a 2018 licence before installing the 2018.1 version

Read the instructions on how to install LP

Applying to run a league

Once you have your LP licence you can apply to run a league by completing the league application form. Your league will be set up within 10 working days but please do not work on your LP file until you have received confirmation that your league has been set up.

Apply to run a league now.

Applying to convert your league

Once you have published your LP file to the Tournament Software website you can apply to have your league converted to an online league, whereby team captains can enter the results online, by completing the League Planner Conversion Form. Converting your league costs £1.20 per team + VAT which will be invoiced as part of the conversion process. Your league will be converted within 5 working days.

Apply to convert your league now.