LTA Venue Registration 2019/20

Venue Registration is the annual scheme for tennis venues across Great Britain to become an LTA member. Currently there are over 2,700 active tennis venues registered. This includes clubs, parks, leisure centres and educational sites. Registering entitles venues to receive a number of excellent benefits along with a wide range of support and services from the LTA and County Tennis Associations to help your venue deliver tennis to your members and participants.

What is the process?

Venue Registration is an annual process that occurs from the start of October to the end of November each year. In 2019, the Venue Registration period takes place between 1 October and 30 November. Venues can register outside of this window, but will not be eligible for entry into the LTA Membership Wimbledon Ballot.

When registering with LTA, the venue is registered directly with your local County Tennis Association (or Tennis Scotland/Wales). Venues register by answering a series of questions on the LTA website and fees are then payable to your local County Association (or Tennis Scotland/Wales).

How much does it cost?

When registering your venue, the cost depends on the number of courts you have:

  • £110* per court (all surfaces except grass)
  • £55* per grass court

In calculating the cost, all non-grass courts are considered first and you will only be charged up to a maximum of 12 courts, meaning your maximum standard charge can be £1,320.

*Be aware that your local county or national association may impose additional fees on top of the normal standard rates listed above.

There are also a number of discounts available for certain circumstances when registering, such as:

  • £200 for new tennis venues that have not previously registered
  • £200 for nomadic tennis venues (A nomadic venue is an organisation who does not have permanent access to courts through freehold or leasehold ownership and/or on an exclusive basis for more than 15 hours per week for 40 weeks of the year).
  • £200 for universities 

Benefits of registration

Most tennis venues are aware that in return for registering to LTA the club is covered through the LTA’s public liability insurance and that their members receive free LTA Lite Membership that entitles them to enter the Wimbledon Ballot. In the majority of cases the value of the insurance cover exceeds the annual registration fee, but many venues are not aware that there are also many other benefits that makes registering with LTA extremely advantageous.

To try and help you understand all of the benefits and services, we have produced a detailed booklet outlining all of these benefits and how you can take advantage of them called the First Service Guide.

We have also produced a leaflet with a summary of these benefits that makes it easy for you to look through the benefits at a glance. Read how LTA Tennis Venue Registration can benefit your venue.

Register my venue

Registering your tennis venue is done through the LTA website. You should allow approximately 30-40 minutes to complete the information for your venue accurately, and you will need to provide details on the following areas: 

  • Venue details & how it is managed
  • Facility details
  • Workforce at the venue
  • The members and players at the venue
  • The coaching programme
  • The competition programme
  • Outreach and promotion that the venue undertakes

As you go through the registration process there are explanations and helpful tips to assist you. There is also a downloadable version of the registration questions you can print off to help in collecting the information that you need.

The LTA Safeguarding Standards

All venues that wish to register to LTA and take advantage of the range of support and benefits on offer are required to meet our Safeguarding Standards. Head to our Safeguarding Standards page for more information.

Existing registered venues

If you are an existing registered venue that is looking to renew your registration then the appointed contact(s) for the venue should login to the LTA website and select the Places to Play Administrator option. This will take you through to the registration sections.

Registering new venues

If your venue has not previously registered to LTA, then you will need to complete a short online form which is submitted through to the LTA and the relevant County Tennis Association. Your venue will be set up on the LTA system and the main contact at the venue will be contacted and supported in completing the registration process. Go here to complete the initial online form.

For more information, please read the LTA Registered Venues - Conditions of Registration.