Individual adult tennis competition

Raynes Park competing in the Team Tennis National Finals 2016

There are a number of adult competitions across the country providing opportunities for adults to gain competitive experience at an appropriate level. Please see below to find out more information about the different levels of competitions available across the UK.

Internal Club Competition

Play matches in your familiar club environment via box leagues, ladders and club championships. Box leagues provide a great opportunity to compete on a regular basis against players of a similar standard and also meet new people and improve your overall game. Club Championships are normally held annually and feature a number of events including singles and doubles with a progressive draw format leading to an overall winner.

Speak to your tennis venue to find out what’s on offer or search for a local club.

Local Tennis Leagues

Local Tennis Leagues are set up across the country. There are now over 100 park based mixed singles leagues nationwide. Players arrange their own matches on a day and time to suit.

Find out more through the Local Tennis Leagues website.

Adult Graded Competition

If you are ready for a more formal competitive experience then consider an open singles event. These take place at a number of venues and are graded from 6 – 3 to help you identify an appropriate level competition.

Read more about the competition grading structure.

The events take place over one day or a set number of dates, charge an entry fee and are usually part of a larger tournament. They provide a great opportunity to play some singles matches in a competitive environment and results will be processed for ratings and rankings (grade 5 and above) purposes. Prior to entering these competitions you will need a BTM number and Rating.

Use our Competition Search tool to find a competition.

The tournaments above are open to all players aged 11 upwards to enter, however the following tournaments offer specific priority acceptance for adults, meaning that regardless of ability, adult players will be given priority acceptance into the draw (if the draw is oversubscribed acceptances will be based on rating).

Grade 5 Circuits

In the 2017 Summer Season a number of Adult County Tours are being piloted at Grade 5 level. These tournaments are open to all adults and many use the FAST4 scoring format to ensure the events can be completed within a few hours.

Download the full list of Grade 5 tournaments.

Seniors’ Tennis

Seniors Tennis GB cater for age groups in five-year stages from 35 to 85 for men, and 35 to 80 for women. There are opportunities to compete all year round on a variety of different surfaces at all levels.

Find out more through the Seniors' Tennis section of the website.

British Tour

The British Tour provides a circuit of tournaments designed to give up and coming players the opportunity to gain experience in their quest to become professional tennis players.

British Tour FAST4 Tier 3

The British Tour Tier 3 features a number of one day weekend competitions which accept 16 Men and 16 Women and are run using the FAST4 format.

Find out more about the British Tour and British Tour FAST4 competitions.