National Age Group Programme

A boy slides into a backhand slice on a clay tennis court

What's the purpose of this programme?

  • To support the RPDCs by providing intensive camps, trips, competitions and grants in order to add value to the country’s best players daily training environments
  • The NAGP aims to increase the likelihood of players making the standard for National Academy (U14) and Pro Scholarship Programme (14-21) selection

Who's it for?

The National Age Group Programme is for the very best U12 to U21 players in the country.

What will this programme be like?

  • The programme includes participation in inspirational camps at the National Tennis Centre in a ‘best-vs-best’ environment
  • There will be unique experiences available, led by LTA National Coaches with expert support including successful past and present pro players
  • Players will have opportunities to represent Great Britain at recognised international events
  • Financial scholarships are available

How do players get involved?

The LTA have a selection criteria for National Age Group Programme scholarships and trips.

Download the NAGP Activities Selection Criteria and Process for information on National Camps, LTA Official Trips and junior representation for Great Britain, including friendly international matches.

Download the selection policy for the NAGP Player Agreements Selection Criteria and Process, (also known as NAGP Scholarships going forward) to find out more about the support available for players on the programme.