LTA Tennis Coach Accreditation

Coach Accreditation is the LTA’s professional membership scheme for coaches. Its purpose is to provide relevant support to British coaches and their businesses so they can deliver great on-court experiences and grow their programmes.

Being a member of Coach Accreditation provides you with a stamp of approval that is recognised by the industry. It also unlocks a range of educational opportunities to support career development, and a first-class package of benefits including insurance to help protect your on-court career.

To find out more you can view our Guide to Coach Accreditation.

What do I need to join Coach Accreditation?

Coach Accreditation is a leading professional membership scheme for qualified tennis coaches and therefore requires members to acquire a set of pre-requisites that demonstrate you are safe to practice and committed to your career as a coach. The pre-requisites for entry are different depending on the tier of Coach Accreditation that you wish to join.

  Accredited Accredited+  


3-5 only

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Criminal Records Check



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First Aid



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Safeguarding Training



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Annual CPD Commitment

0 hours

15 hours

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Annual Fee



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What are the benefits of Coach Accreditation?

There are a range of benefits available as a member ranging from insurance to equipment discounts. To find out what is available at each tier, you can view our Guide to Coach Accreditation.

How do I know if a coach is a member of Coach Accreditation?

Current members of Coach Accreditation are able to download and print a certificate from their Coach Secure Area on the LTA website proving their status as Accredited or Accredited+. The certificate shows the dates of the accreditation period, as well as the date on which the certificate was printed. You can also enquire with the LTA directly on 0208 487 7000.

How do I join Coach Accreditation?

If you have an eligible qualification, you can go to your Coach Secure Area to begin the process for joining. You can use this area to manage all your pre-requisites.

Who do I call if I have more questions?

If you have any further questions please take a look at our FAQs, or alternatively call 0208 487 7000 to speak to a member of the LTA Services Team.

Safeguarding Standards for Coaches working in LTA Registered Venues

From 1 October 2019 it will become mandatory for venues applying to register with the LTA to ensure all Level 3-5 coaches operating at their venue are LTA Accredited.

For further information, support and guidance, please visit our Safeguarding in tennis for coaches webpage