Level 5 - Master Club Tennis Coach Qualification

The Level 5 Master Club Coach (MCC) qualification is the highest level of LTA coaching award run by the LTA Coach Development team and is for coaches who aspire to work at the very highest level of development coaching.  It has now been achieved by 70+ coaches across the UK.

About the course

The MCC encompasses an even split between off court and on court sessions delivered by the course tutors and a range of guest speakers to inspire and improve your coaching and business knowledge.  Successful candidates will also gain the 1st4sport qualification in Workforce Mentoring.

 On completion of the course a Master Club Coach will be able to:

  • Deliver on court sessions of the highest quality to all venue members
  • Design, implement and evaluate the process and outcome of coaching programmes
  • Display leadership skills to create and manage change in dynamic environments
  • Mentor a team of coaches to deliver a quality coaching programme

Duration of the course

  • 9 months of course contact time (September 2019 – May 2020).  Full course completion typically takes between 1-2 years.

2019/2020 dates

N.B. You must be able to attend all of the course dates.  Please be aware that these dates and venues are provisional and may be subject to change. 

  • 10/11/12 September 2019 at Grantham Tennis Club, Lincolnshire
  • 3/4/5 November 2019 at Loughborough University 
  • 2/3 December 2019 at the National Tennis Centre, Roehampton
  • 28/29/30 January 2020 at the National Tennis Centre, Roehampton
  • 26/27 Feb 2020 at the National Tennis Centre, Roehampton
  • 11/12 March 2020 at the National Tennis Centre, Roehampton
  • 19/20 May 2020 at the National Tennis Centre, Roehampton

Course structure

Five modules plus assessments.

Module One (days 1, 2 & 3) 

Foundation Module

  • On court overview of coaching methodology
  • Introduction to coaching at Level 5
  • Off-court exposure to tennis leaders across the industry
  • Group teaching
  • Group training
  • Relevant feeding and drill progressions within a doubles context from closed practises through to open points play

Module two (days 4, 5 & 6) 

Tactics & Technique

  • Observation, analysis, teaching with PAS
  • Technical checklist and effectiveness
  • Development of hand skills
  • Practical Interventions
  • Increasing awareness of singles and doubles tactics
  • Serve mechanics
  • Observation of different movement patterns and how to apply this in both singles and doubles

Module three (days 7 & 8) 

Business Module

  • Vision
  • Leadership and Management
  • Negotiation
  • Business Planning
  • Business Metrics (KPIs)
  • Scaling the Business

Module four (days 9, 10 & 11)

Case Study Module

  • Teaching and training principles
  • Use of CDIEW as an analysis tool
  • Tactical demonstrations
  • Creating closed practices that deliver volume, energy and intensity
  • Decision-making challenges
  • Working with adult groups
  • Practical interventions

Module five (days 12 &13) 

Mentoring Module

  • Mentoring principles and application
  • Introduction to mentoring project
  • On court development of group teaching and training

Module six (days 14 & 15) 

Business Module

  • Customer Profiles
  • Customer Journeys
  • Customer Emotions & Loyalty
  • Customer Feedback
  • Marketing Budgets & Investment
  • Marketing ROI
  • The Different Marketing Channels
  • Marketing Campaigns & Marketing Calendar

Module seven (day 16)

Pre – Assessment

  • Final assessment preparations

Assessment: (day 17)

  • Final assessment

(+ 5 days of placements)


Candidates will undertake three main personal studies during the course:

Business Project:

All candidates will be required to produce a detailed, structured and actionable business plan that they can relate to and action to improve their business

Performance tennis placement:

All candidates will be required to spend a minimum of two days in a performance tennis environment. This can be either in the UK or abroad.

Non-tennis placement:

Candidates will also need to complete a minimum of two one-day placements.  One of the two placements will be in a sporting environment, whilst the other must not be sport related. 


Course pre-requisites

  • Hold the LTA Senior Club Coach qualification, Senior Performance Coach qualification or equivalent
  • Be an Accredited+ coach
  • Have (or have had) a rating of 5.1 or higher or hold a play test grade 2.
  • Hold or have held a position as Head Coach.


Cost of the course

Course fee is £1,950 payable in advance.

The LTA develops leading qualifications and offers relevant support that attracts, develops and engages coaches to achieve their goals and deliver our vision; we’re working towards a future where tennis is truly a sport for all. As such, the LTA is investing £2,000 in each successful candidate who is awarded a place on the Level 5 MCC course, with the true cost of the course standing at £4,000 per candidate.

Coaches are responsible for arranging their own transport and accommodation.


How to apply

Applications are now open for the 2019/2020 course. Application criteria can be downloaded here.

Click here to apply for the Level 5 MCC


The application form requires applicants to supply:

  • CV 
  • A video (max. 5 mins in length) of the applicant coaching.  Please see the guidance document for further details
  • A video personal statement (max. 2 mins in length). Please see the guidance document for further details

In addition, a referee (recommended minimum Level 4 LTA qualified coach) must supply:

  • A reference that details the applicant’s:
    • commitment to learning
    • strength of leadership and communications skills
    • level of reliability
    • quality of coaching

Your referee must email your reference directly to Lesley.Cunningham@LTA.org.uk


Applications close at midnight on Sunday 28th July 2019.


Enquiries should be directed to Lesley.Cunningham@LTA.org.uk

You will be notified if you have been successful for the course by Friday 9th August.  If successful, we will then require payment of your course fee.

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